I feel that it is the best hair detangling tool that I have ever used. Lots of people are skeptical about trying it as I was at first too. But, after using it I became a quick believer. It is gentle on my hair and scalp but it still detangles my hair like a charm. It does come with instructions; they must be followed in order to use the comb brush correctly. They are not hard to understand in any way at all. Once you get the technique of using it down, then you are totally set.

Joice, Atlanta, Georgia

Really great product for Black peoples hair, wish more people knew about this for hair grooming!

Chrissi, Texas

Since my girlfriend informed me about the Comb Brush that her husband had bought for her after she lost her hair due to chemotherapy, her hair came back so quickly that Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s nurse started asking her about her hair. I definitely think that she should be a success story for your Comb Brush. I’ll contact her so she can give you her story first hand.

Patricia, Louisiana

I am so glad you were able to ship to France! I use to live in the USA a few years ago and at that time I was transitioning to natural hair. After understanding how the comb brush worked I just loved it. I used it for years until I broke it. Since then I have been miserable, breaking my hair with unfit combs. Every Black person should know about this Comb Brush!

Rachel, France

I have used your product as instructed and I am both satisfied and relieved. Your product is every bit of what you said that it would be and then some. It makes maintaining my hair a lot easier. It is truly an answer to prayer and a major piece to an age old puzzle. Your hair tool is wonderful and unlike many hair products for hair they are not suitable for all hair types, however, your product makes all hair types manageable.

Stacy, California

You have a fantastic product – a Comb Brush that rolls the hair instead of pulling the hair is an engineering marvel. I also have three women in the house with longer than average hair, our vacuum cleaner and floors are virtually hair free since Kakakiki Comb Brush has been in the house. I concur we need to withhold patronage from the Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Target, etc. and support independent businesses such as yours and others. There are many businesses that have products that can jump start the hiring of our own youth, if the public spends with these businesses. Remember God blesses the child who has his own.

Michael, New Jersey

My son loves the feeling of the Comb Brush throughout his afro. Thank you

It is Amazing.

Kim, Oakland, California

Helpful Hints


A therapeutic effect is induced which is at once stimulating to the underlining skin and is found to be psycho-physiologically beneficial to the user in a soothing and exhilarating way.

You should know…

Uniquely designed handle contoured to fit comfortably in your hand. Includes an index finger hole for greater leverage and control on every stroke.


Tines roll your hair out instead of pulling it out… separating and detangling your hair with each stroke.

While comb/brushing your hair, smooth, rounded tips stimulate hair growth hormones as they massage your scalp.