Ed Howard

ed_howard-2Mr. Ed Howard is the Mechanical designer of the Kakakiki Comb Brush, an African American hair care product that many people would not live without. Mr. Howard began his career upon graduating from Oakland, California’s famous McClymonds High School. When he did so, he bought a car and became an Oakland original low rider and headed off to Oakland Merritt College (birth of the first Black studies program in the USA) and Laney Technical College. He then chose to become involved in community affairs.

After college, Ed Howard moved on to work for Lockheed Aero Space and Missile Engineering Div. and Oakland Kaiser Engineers. He was one of the first black pioneers at Kaiser Engineering. As a mechanical designer and rapidly moved up to Assistant to Vice President and was appointed to the Advisory board of Kaiser Industries. As Mr. Howard never forgot the neighborhood he came from, he convinced the powers that be at Kaiser Engineers and Kaiser Industries Advisories Board to allow him to recruit more blacks into the white coller jobs. He would do so by setting up an engineering drafting and summer hire program. Mr. Howard designed the drafting program, trained and placed trainees in permanent jobs. Also he coordinated the Summer Hire program. The drafting program covered disciplines from architectural, civil, mechanical, structural and piping engineering design configurations.

From McClymonds High School, Oakland Merritt College and Laney Tech. College; Lockheed Aero Space & Missile Division; Kaiser Engineers

Ed Howard and his brother Ernest Howard operated their corporation Social Dynamics, which Ed was Vice President of Corporate Administration. They were successful in acquiring government contracts to provide technical assistance to various community programs across the USA. This corporation had offices in Berkeley, California; Kansas City, Kansas and Washington, DC. Ed also produced a television show in San Francisco called “Black Dignity” for a period of two years. People like James Brown, Jim Brown, John Carlos and Tommy Smith, Ike and Tina Turner, Della Reese, George Foreman and many others appeared. This was due to a large part in Ed’s involvement with the Black community and Oakland Kaiser Engineers. His next career move was to go Super-fly and build Oakland’s largest First Class Black nightclub at the time in the Black community. This club was known as “Ed Howard’s Place” and many community and famous named entertainers appeared there.

Built Oakland’s largest Black night club

“Ed Howard’s Place”.

Mr. Howard didn’t stop there. He chose to make the transition to San Diego where he started EH Engineering. His company was an Electro-Mechanical Design-engineering firm, which specialized in engineering problem solving as well as research and development for the Department of Defense. He invented solutions using Reverse Engineering and Configuration Engineering documentation methods. The Kakakiki Comb Brush is just one example of his work and one African American hair care product that Black people must have.

EH Engineering specialized in Research and Development solving Engineering problems for the Department of Defense

My Résumé


Graduated 1959

Merrit & Laney Technical Colleges

Industrial Design Configuration Engineering Documentation

McClymonds High School Oakland

Previous Jobs

1960 – 1962

Lockheed Aerospace & Missile Division

Electro Mechanical Design Draftsman for the Polaris Rocket Missile Program

1962 – 1969

Advisory Board Kaiser Industries

Assistant to the Vice President

Engineering Drafting Program
Summer Hiring Program

1969 – 1973

Social Dynamics Corporation

Vice President

Technical Assistant Services Consulting firm

1973 – 1979

Ed Howard’s Place


1979 – 1999

EH Engineering


1999 – Present