The Comb Brush

Kakakiki offers the most popular and only combination African American comb brush in the world named the Kakakiki Comb Brush. Although our patented Comb Brush will work wonderfully in anyone’s hair, it was designed based on the many textures of African American hair using a matrix formation of small individual tines (Teeth).

The Comb Brush is suitable for both personal and professional use….

The design of our Comb Brush is patented making it a unique and one of a kind product that you will not find anywhere. It can detangle any type of hair including woolly, curly, natural, coarse, kinky, straight and wavy hair. There is very little pulling and breakage experienced when the Comb Brush is being used. You can use our Kakakiki Comb Brush on your hair before or after it has been permed or pressed. Many hair textures can take advantage of African American hair supplies but not the way they can enjoy our African American Comb Brush.

While our Comb Brush is perfectly designed for African Americans…Caucasian, Asian, and Latin American consumers will find this unique hair tool to be easy to use no matter what type of hair they may have.

Our Kakakiki Comb Brush is actually able to comb and brush simultaneously. While detangleing more hair at one time as compared to a regular comb or brush you might be used to using, and the tines (Teeth) will detangle thick and hard to manage hair. (Just follow the written instructions that comes with each purchase.) Its ease of use makes it a tool that can be used on young children’s hair without all the fuss and pain. The Comb Brush is suitable for both personal and professional use and on all ages from children to adults. An added plus for men with beards.

Patented design makes it a unique one of kind product…

People come in all different sizes, shapes and colors, which is why we pride ourselves in the ability to offer a diverse product that everyone can benefit from. Aside from our product, there really are no options other than a standard; one size fits all comb/brush that simply doesn’t cut it for most people. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a hair detangler without the loss of hair or the pain or the frustration that other products on the market are so well known for. Here at Kakakiki, we value your demands for high quality, affordable and reliable products which is why we strive to meet your needs each and every day.

Best detangling hair tool on the market today!