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The Kakakiki Comb Brush is the basic comb for people with African textured hair

About the Comb BrushThe Inventor

The Comb Brush

Our Kakakiki Comb Brush is actually able to comb and brush simultaneously. While detangleing more hair at one time as compared to a regular comb or brush that you might be use to using, and the tines (Teeth) will detangle your hair naturally, making it soft and healthy.

The design of our Comb Brush is patented making it a unique and one of a kind product that you will not find anywhere.

About me

Ed Howard is the inventor of the Kakakiki Comb Brush.

What the Comb Brush can do for you

Beard Comb Brush

Can be used as a beard comb.


To clean the Comb Brush, use warm running water or brush with a hair brush under warm running water.


Relaxes hair soft naturally.

Black Girls Hair Care

Absolutely necessary for Black girls, eliminates pain from combing.

Razor Bumps

Use to soothe the disease Pseudofollicultis Barbae, better known as “Razor Bumps”.


The Kakakiki Comb Brush prepares hair for combing and styling by detangling, messaging, stimulating and cleaning hair.

Helpful Tip you should also know…

Do not force when using the Comb Brush. Moisten hair and comb through slowly, starting with small portions of hair over your entire head first, then use slow brushing motions. See more instructions on our blog page.

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